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Meet Our Beautiful Young Girl's

Minimania SOS Love N Hope

29" Black Pintaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 15 Sept 13
Sire; Minimania Spot On Spaky - 31" Chestnut Pintaloosa
Dam; Tallow-wood Aster - 30.25" Burnt Buckskin

We are overly pleased with this little girl, she was a lovely surprize, she is a tiny little package, with the most cutest little face, with beautiful blue eye's, she shows signs of her father, her little cheeky nature, looking forward to seeing this girl all grown up.


Minimania Leahs Legacy

31" Champagne Appaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 4 Oct 2013
Sire; Fenmarsh Champagne Chandon - 32.5" Amber Champagne
Dam; Minimania Chantilly Lace - 34.5" Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

This little Girl, was the most cherished gift i could eva ask for, she arrived 13 hours after my mothers passing, she has been named in my mothers memory..I feel that my mum put in a tall order on her arrival in to Heaven..Thankyou Mum for the most Beautiful Gift of all..


Minimania Cloud Dreamer

33.5" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash/Appaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 21 Oct 13
Sire; Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash White/Appaloosa
Dam; Snowside Rain Drops - 35.5" - Chestnut Taffy

Cloud is just a super girl, she has the greatest temperament, cool and calm, taken everything in her stride, she has been show with fantastic results, always winning lots of ribbons, she has been son by our son, only aged 4, and has just made him enjoy Showing in Halter n Performance, This girl has it all.....


Minimania Talithia Sparks

37" Silver Black Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 13 Nov 2013
Sire; Minimania Sparky - 36" Silver Buckskin Appaloosa
Dam; Minimania Gold Topaz - 37" Taffy Appaloosa

We are very Pleased with this girl, she is leggy, very upright, with look at me presance, This little lady had her name picked before we even bred Sire & Dam, both were my mums favourite horses, and one of mums favourite names was Talithia , so told mum this would be the name for a filly of this breeding.. And here she is mum..


Minimania Champagne Over The Moon

28" Champagne Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 11 Oct 14
Sire; Fenmarsh Champgne Chandon - 32" Amber Champagne
Dam;  Kay Jay Moon Fantasy - 31.75" Black Splash White Overo

We are over the moon with this little girl, Hence her name. She is a tiny little girl, one that i didn't think we would end up with. 
Very Please with this tiny girl.


Minimania Dun In Honey

34" Apricot Dun Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 15 Aug 13
Sire; Rainbow Park Im A Ledgend - 32.5" Dun (100% UK)
Dam; Lucy Lou - 36" - Chestnut Pinto

Honey is a lovely girl, she has a sweet little nature, altho she is a little she is coming around.


Minimania Cherrished Lady

37" Silver Buckskin Sabino Appaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born; 29 Oct 14
Sire; Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash White/Appaloosa
Dam; Minimania Sacred Lady - 40" Silver Palomino

This young girl is just wow, boy can she move, she is my little Arabian, she has personality plus, soft, kind sweet nature, and her unusual colour makes her stand out..
So looking forward to the future with this stunning girl.


Minimania Pixie dust

34.5" Chestnut Taffy Appaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born:18 Sept 2014
Sire; Mystical Park Crusade- 38" Chestnut
Dam; Minimania Speckled Ruby - 36" Black Appaloosa

Pixie is a sweet girl who has a soft nature, she is easy going, and has movement to burn.


Minimania Tumbalina

35" Chestnut Appaloosa Filly

Born; 16 Aug 2015
Sire; Unknown
Dam; Minimania Sparks Of Fire - 38.5” Bay minimal Appaloosa

Tumbalina is a very special girl, I was buying her dam back, (long story) only to be told that she had foaled 3 days before we were to pick her up, we preferred if they could stay till foal was strong on its legs, 2-3 weeks, well that was fine, only to be told a week later that we need to get them asap, so Tumbalina was only 10 days old, she was covered in mud, and weak, we thought she would not make the trip home, but she is a strong girl, she made the trip home with so love care, and good feed, she has grown into a beautiful girl..


Minimania Bleus Fine Design

30" Chestnut Pinto/Pintaloosa Filly

Born; 2 Oct 2015
Sire; Flying Dust Azure Bleu - 32.5" Silver Dapple Tobiano/Overo
Dam; Aziz Koheilah - 35" Chestnut Pinto/Pintaloosa

This love little girl was born on the evening of R-jays Birthday, she is a very sweet little girl, and has taken to loving R-jay so much that things he does it does not faze her.. 


Minimania starlight Champagne

30" Champagne Appaloosa/Overo Filly

Born; 17 Nov 2015
Sire; Aziz Lucky Charm - 36" Black Appaloosa
Dam; Ash-Mia Classic Velvet - 34.5” Classic Champagne

This little girl was a bit of a shock, another Champagne, but was hoping for spots of her bum, but instead a big white star on her face.. Very please with this girl, she is our 3 foal by Aziz Lucky Charm and what a ripper..


Jackafella Mc's Sweetie

35" Bay Splash White Overo

Born; 17 Nov 2015
Sire; Bellequine Man Of Colours - 34.5" Chestnut Frame Overo
Dam; Jackafella Joyelle - 34" Silver Dapple Taffy

Sweetie is a lovely filly, she is the half sister to Minimania Steppins In Colours, sharing the same sire, she carries a double cross of Rowdy on her sires side, and carries Silverado on her dams side along with Broken H Casper..

Looking forward to future shows n foals from this stunning girl.


Minimania Champagne Oasis Winds

Champagne Filly

Born; 28 Oct 2016
Sire; Fenmarsh Champagne Chandon - 32" Amber Champagne
Dam; Minimania Desert Winds  - 34.5" Buckskin Pinto

Lil Miss as known, is a sweet little girl, she is Chandons last foal for us, and what a little ripper she is, carrying the colour, this girl is a Tribbles Poncho Granddaughter. looking forward to seeing this girl grow.


Minimania Gypsys Forture

Silver Dun Pinto Filly

Born; 24 Nov 16
Sire; Tiny Toy Snippets Doubletake - 35" Taffy Pinto
Dam; Minimania Gypsy Dreamer  - 35" Silver Dun Pintaloosa

Gypsy was a wish come true, all Rodney asked for is a Silver Dun Filly...
she is our 2nd 4th generation foal, she is the great granddaughter of Chantilly Lace.
really looking forward to what the future brings for this girl.


Minimania Sparkling Summer Rain

Buckskin Appaloosa Filly

Born: 6 Dec 16
Sire;  Minimania Sparkys Spotless Prince - 36" Buckskin 
Dam;  Magics Mumma Mia - 37" Bay Tobiano

This little girl is just beautiful, she is everything i could ask for.


Balli-High Good Golly Miss Molly

Palomino Pinto Filly

Born: 9 Sept 16
Sire;  Rumbrooke Excessive Satin Sun - 32.5" Buckskin Overo
Dam;  Shiralee Isis - 36" Palomino

Molly is a gorgeous little girl, with a sweet nature, she may only be young but her show career has been big, she has attend a few shows already bring home broad ribbons, looking forward to what the future holds.



Black Pintaloosa

Born: 20 Jan 16
Sire; Tourmaline High Steppin Apache - 33" Silver Pintaloosa
Dam; Glenmar Park Happys Frosted Lace - 34" Brown Appaloosa

Jada is a sweet kind girl, with a soft nature, looking forward to what the future holds for this girl, with showing n breeding.