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In Loving Memories.

Painted Eve

Chestnut Pintaloosa Filly


Born; 2003,

Sire; unknown

Dam;  Minimania Chantilly Lace - 34.5" Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

This Beautiful Girl, was where we started our love for miniatures, Paintabum as known, was our first ever foal, she was born not long after a family tragedy, which was quiet hard to deal with, but she just made our days brighter watching her play & grow, But unfortunately, was sadly lost he to colic at 4 months old, She will always be remember in our hearts due to helping us over come our Sadness, but now we have sadness for her.


Lightning Leo

Silver Taffy Colt


Born; 4 Nov 2007

Sire; Cajer Leo – 30” Chestnut Taffy

Dam;  Jackafella Cheryl – 33.25"  Grulla

This tiny little boy was our first foal by Cajer Leo, we were looking forward to watching him grow up & be shown along side his sire, But Sadly we lost this little boy to a snake bite and 6 weeks old.


Koriana Sugar'n'Spice

36" Chocolate Taffy Mare

Registered; IMHR & AMHA

Born; 2000,

Sire; Gunnadoo Anka – 33" Taffy

Dam; Bella Caroline – 40" Grey 

Sugar, as known by us here at Minimania Stud, also known as "Mouse" to others, was a lovely mare, we aquired her only by purchusing her son, "Aziz Lucky Charm", whilst at Aziz Stud viewing Lucky Charm, as a 3 month old, I just fell in Love with Sugar, by the end or the day, Janet from Aziz Stud rang me to ask if we would be interested in taking Sugar as well, Well, I couldn't so No, as she was just beautiful, In her young years, while with her breeder, Koriana Park Stud, She was shown with a lot of success, in Performance, with Champions & Supreme's, before coming to us as a broodmare, She has given us a stunning filly, Minimania Pretty in Pink, But Sadly we lost this wonderful Girl to a snake bite, Little Pinky was only 8 weeks old, at the time of her mothers passing.


Diamond Star Domino

32.75" Perlino Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR.

Born; 19 April 2006,

Sire; Macala Dressed to Impress – 33.5” Smokey Black Appaloosa

Dam; Kismet Just R Juliet – 33” Cremello

Domino is 25% American & Is a very well bred Boy, with his Sire being Appaloosa bred and his Dam being Double Dilute bred, Domino carries the Bloodlines of Bond Sir Garland, Bond Tiny Tim and Dell Teres Sandlapper,  Just to name a few,

Since Domino's Arrival to Minimania Stud, My Husband Rodney had a great bond with little Domino, they were just best mates, in the paddock & in the ring, they had an unspeakable bond, where Rodney could ask anything of Domino & Domino was just Happy to thust him, they both come from inexperienced showies, to making their make in the ring, with only 5 shows under their belt, 3 of them doing Performance, with an outcome that has left our walls full of Ribbions, & their first ever Trophy, being for Senior Miniature Champion Performance Horse at their last show together.

Domino was sadly put down after a tragic paddock incident.


Mikhael Just In Time

Bay Dun Colt

Born; 15 Oct 11,
Sire; Fenmarsh Champagne Chandon - 32.5" Amber Champagne
Dam; Minimania Sassy Lady - 35.5" Chestnut Dun

This is Chandons 2nd foal for us, aswell as Sassy's eva first foal, and what a surprize this little guy was, He was born about 1:30pm, My Mum & Kim had just arrived, and Sassy decided that was it, she when down to have her foal, I am so glad she did when she did, as this guy may not have been here, as it was all hands on deck, Mum and Kim were amazed to see all that it took to have him here now... He is Named after My Mum Leah & Kim, put both together spelt backwards, Leahkim (Mikhael)
This Special Boy will remain part of our Family.
Sadly Mikhael is no longer with Us in Body, But his spirit lives on..

Manchurian Paris

32" Black Pinto Mare

Registered IMHR

Born; 1 Dec 2003

Sire & Dam; Unknown

Paris is a very sweet mare, she has a lovely soft nature & easy to handle.

Sadly we lost this beautiful mare to a snake bite, Nov 2013, will be missed. 


Minimania Jazzabell

37" Chestnut Pinto Mare

Registered; IMHR.

Born; Unknown,

Sire and Dam; unknown,

Jazzabell, was a very sweet mare, with lovely marking, she had a very rough past before coming to live with us in 2004, so had the tendency to be stand offish when people come to visit, In her time with us, she produced to lovely foals, in 2005 had a lovely coloured colt, Minimania Wind Dancer, then in 2008 had a lovely Palomino Filly, Minimania Pharaohs Dancing Mist (picture about as a newborn) We were unsure of her age when she arrive, but wasn't a young horse, Sadly her age caught up to her, along with the cold weather setting in for winter, so we made the decision the let her lay down to rest. She will be missed.


Minimania Gypsy-Lace

35.5" Chestnut Taffy Appaloosa Mare

Registered; IMHR
Born; 6 Nov 08
Sire; Cajer Leo – 30” Chestnut Taffy
Dam; Minimania Chantilly Lace – 34.75” Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

Gypsy was a very nice mare, with a lovely nature. She was one of our lovely girls that just stood out in the paddock, with her stunning colour, and lovely movement, in 2011 she gave us a beautifull filly, MInimania Gypsys Dreamer, unfortantly in 2013 she lost a bay dun Appaloosa colt, then in 2014 lost a Bay Sabino colt, Sadly she didn't handle the lost of her baby, and passed 4 days later, this girl will always be remembered, n in our hearts.

Minimania Mumma

40" Grulla Tobiano Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 1 Aug 1994
Sire; Unknown
Dam; Unknown

Another of our foundation mares, Mumma was bought back in 2004, due to our direction of breeding we sold her in 2005, she returned home in 2013, in her time away had produced some super foals, one of which we bought, before she arrived back home, she is home to enjoy a quiet paddock life.

With a sad heart, we laid this old girl to rest, old age n winter coming on wasn't make life very nice for the old gal, yes will be for ever in our memories.


Minimania Lady Mystique

36" Chestnut Taffy Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 1 Aug 1995
Sire; Unknown
Dam; Unknown

Mintie, as known, is a beautiful sweet mare, one that we fell in love with at first sight, sadly her pedigree was lost, before we purchased her, was told she was either by american stock, or was american, she has produced some stunning foals for us, with a few we have retained

Sadly this beautiful has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, aged 22.
She will be sadly missed


Jackafella Lil Feather

32.5" Chestnut gone Grey Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 26 Aug 2009
Sire;  Silvermoon Tomahawk - 33" Appaloosa
Dam; Jackafella Cheyenne - 35" Grey Pinto

Feather is a little sweet mare, she has a stunning sculptured head and has an amazing, tail flagging trot, both passed onto her first foal, we are looking forward to her future foals wit us.

Sadly laid to rest, with her 2017 foal.


Minimania Jane

35" Bay Varnish Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born: 2001
Sire:  Macala Doonah - 34” Bay Appaloosa
Dam:  Macala Shereen - 35” Chestnut Appaloosa

Jane is another of our foundation mares bought back in 2004, she is a lovely girl, with a shy nature, she has produce some lovely foals for us over the years, most have been retained.

Sadly laid to rest at the age of 18.

Minimania Speckled Ruby

36" Black Varnish Appaloosa Mare

Born; 3 Oct 2010
Sire;  Mini World Spotlight - 34.25" Bay Appaloosa
Dam;  Jazmine Park Sugarloaf Lady - 32" Flaxen Chestnut

Ruby is a lovely sweet mare, with a temperament to please, sadly Ruby come to us in a very sad way, with a foal at foot, within a short time with good feed and care she pick up very quick, Ruby is the granddaughter of the imported Buckskin Appaloosa Stallion Lucky Four Cinemax.

Sadly we Lost this girl to unknown causes 2018