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Meet Our Lovely Lady's

Minimania Chantilly Lace

34.75" Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born: 1 Aug 2000
Sire; Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Chantilly, is the little mare that started all of this, back in 2003, she is a beautiful mare, with a sweet nature, and has produce some wonderful foals over the years.


Banshees Briar

33" Chestnut Blacket Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 5 Jan 2002
Sire; Catala Little Chief - 32.25" Bay Leopard Appaloosa
Dam; Blackwood Dakota - 35" Black

Briar, is a lovely mare, has a sweet natured temperament, which she passes on to her foals, Briar has given us some lovely foals, 2 which we have retained.


Tallow-wood Silver Birch

38.5" Smokey Black Pintaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 26 Sept 2006
Sire;  Southern Star Fancy Boots - 33"  Black Buckskin Pinto
Dam;  Banshess Briar - 33.75" Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa

Silver Birch, would have to be one of my favorite mares, she has the most beautiful, sweet nature, just loves to cuddle, 
 Silver Birch is a very well bred lady, She carries some fantastic lines behind her, including a Double cross of the Immortal Rowdy, which includes, Samis Kloudy Rowdy, Smithdeals Ima Pepper II, her lines also go way back to Bond Show Boy, she is also the Granddaughter of the Stunning Stallion Catala Little Chief, She has the Arabian Looks & Movement, a sweet Temperament to Please, & loads of Colour.


Minimania Sacred Lady

40" Silver Palomino Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 22 Sept 2009
Sire;  Minimania Sparky - 36" Silver Buckskin Appaloosa
Dam;  Minimania Lady Mystique - 36" Chestnut Taffy

Lady is a beautiful mare, i call her my Barbie Doll Horse, she has the most softest nature, easy going, i guess just following in her sire n dams foot steps, this girl hold a special place in my heart being her sires first filly, she herself has produced a stunning filly, that resembles herself and the Temperament to die for, not surprise with her breeding. 


Minimania Minky Midnight

33.5" Black Appaloosa Mare

Born; 1 Aug 2000
Sire; Unknown
Dam; Unknown

Minky is a sweet little mare, with a soft nature, is a little tad shy, but once she warms up to you, she just loves her pats n cuddles.


Minimania Little Miss Cheeky

33.75" Smokey Black Splash/Overo/Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 14 Oct 2010
Sire;  Minimania Danny Boy - 32" Smokey Black Slash/Overo
Dam;  Minimania Minky Midnight - 33.5'' Black Appaloosa

Sara is a super sweet little mare, with a cheek little nature, and boy has this girl got style in her movement, she is  Danny Boy's First foal...


Minimania Stuck With Colour

30.5" Bay Overo Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 15 Sept 2012
Sire; Unknown
Dam; Unknown

Little Annie as known, is a sweet little mare, she may be small is size, but she has a big personality.


Minimania Sparks Of Fire

38.5" Bay Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 30 Sept 2009
Sire;  Minimania Sparky - 36” Silver Buckskin Appaloosa
Dam;  Minimania Jane - 35” Bay Appaloosa

Fire as known, is just another of my Sparky girls, we sold fire a few years back, she was easy to handle, before she left, but sadly she has lost her soft side of nature to enjoy cuddles, but she is learning just except the calm ways again, she is a lovely mare to have around.


Minimania Luckys Lucsious Lady

36" Black Taffy Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 2 Sept 2011
Sire;  Aziz Lucky Charm - 36" Black Appaloosa
Dam;  Hope Park Just Abit Spotless - 38" Silver Bay Appaloosa Welsh Bred.

This Beautiful Lady, she is very much like her sire & dam, she is everything we could want, with a lovely nature, super quiet friend personality, with the added bonus of colour and style, 
Lil has shown with many ribbons won, Champions and Reserves.


Minimania Ghosties Girl

34" Bay Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 27 Sept 2011
Sire;  Tuthaside Ghost Who Walks - 33.5" Chocolate Silver Taffy Pinto
Dam;  Minimania Lady Mystique - 36" Chestnut Taffy

This lovely lady is all we could ask for, lovely style, sweet nature, she shows a little bit of Mum and Dad. This Beautiful girl is the full sibling to Minimania Apatchy Ghost, Looking forward to what the future holds for this girl.


Minimania Gypsys Dreamer

36.5" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash/Appaloosa Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 20 Oct 2011
Sire:  Buraba DB Hooey Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash White/Appaloosa
Dam;  Minimania Gypsy Lace - 35.5” Chestnut Taffy Appaloosa

This beautiful blue eyed girl, is so sweet natured but has a get up and Go attitude, Just very Stylish we she moves and has colour to boot, She has her first stunning foal, looking forward to future foals...


Texen Park Mayple Leaf

35" Bay Blanket Appaloosa

Registered IMHR
Born; 1 Aug 2006
Sire;  Redude Park Bobby Lee
Dam;  Alameda Chyristal

Mayple is a beautiful horse type mare, she is the Grand Daughter of the Famous "Happy Appy", who is the son of the even more Famous "Orion Light Vant Huttenest", she is also the Great Grand Daughter of "Grosshill Ovations Flaming Arrow" who in a grandson of the "Immortal Rowdy",aswell as being the Great Great Grand Daughter of the stunning Stallion "Trios Night Ryder". 
Mayple has produced some outstanding foals, and looking forward to future breedings.


Magics Mumma Mia

37" Bay Tobiano Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 5 Oct 2010
Sire; Harrington Park Millenium Magic - 34.75" Silver Dapple Taffy Splash White Overo
Dam;  Minimania Mumma - 41"  Grulla Tobiano

Mumma as known by us, is just everything i was looking for, she has the most softest nature, easy to handle, great colour, 
Mumma has done a small amount of showing placing well, and has now become a dam to her first foal, a stunning Buckskin Filly in 2016.


Minimania Champagne Bubbles

33" Champagne Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 8 Oct 12
Sire;  Fenmarsh Champgne Chandon - 32" Amber Champagne
Dam:  Minimania Jane - 34.5" Bay Varnish Appaloosa

Bubbles is our second home grown Champagne, is a lovely girl, and has movement to boot, she is the granddaughter of Trbbles poncho, she carries 25% Usa lines. Looking forward to future breeding with this girl.


Minimania Snowy Dreams

35" Bay Sabino Appaloosa Filly

Registered IMHR
Born: 12 Oct 12
Sire;  Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash White/Appaloosa
Dam;  Mokoia Park Bucks Glamour Girl - 33" Bay

We are very pleased with this little lady, beautiful dish face, stunning long legs, and the sweetest little nature, this girl carries some fantastic breeding, which includes, Rowdy, Duncraig Pablo, Buckeroo, just to name a few, looking forward to cross this breeding in the future.


Shiralee Isis

35" Palomino Mare

Registered IMHR
Born; 17 Oct 2007
Sire; Silver Star Golden Chance - 33.5" Palomino
Dam; Shiralee Southern Sienna - 32.75 Chestnut

Isis is a lovely sweet mare, she is a Lucky Four Shiney Shoes granddaughter, on her dams sire she carries some old time breeding aswell, Isis has been shown in the past winner numerous ribbons to her name before retiring to the broodmare scene, 
Looking forward to future foals..