Minimania Stud.

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Past Horse's - Boy's


36.5" Black Stallion

Registered; Unregistered

Born, 2001,

Sire & Dam; Unknown

SinBad was our first eva Colt here at Minimania Stud,

He was Sold to Margaret Watts where he has become part of the Family along with her Dogs, He has become very much apart of the Family, Sharing his dinner with the dogs, and vice verses, and is keen to go out for walks, along with his little buddies.


Rothbury Eddie

33.5" Chestnut Pinto Stallion

Registered; AMHA.

Born, 1998,

Sire & Dam; Unknown,

Eddie was our 2nd Stallion, 1st one with Rego,

Eddie was Sold to Alice Dowle, to become apart of her stud.



34" Bay Dun Stallion

Registered;  Unregistered

Born, 1994,

Sire & Dam; Unknown,

Robbie was our 3rd Stallion, and One that we will never forget,

Robbie Gave us a Stunning Filly "Minimania Charmed One"

Robbie was Sold to Kelly Bailey.



31" Black Stallion

Registered; Unregistered

Born, 1996,

Teddy was our 4th Stallion here, at Minimania Stud, 

Before Leaving us, he produce a Stunning Black Buckskins Colt,"Minimania Wind Dancer", He Sold to Janelle Ingham of Mudgee, For the kids to enjoy, But sadly the kids lost interest and he was later Sold on.


Minimania Midnite Surprize

34.5" Bay Blanket Appaloosa Colt

Registered; IMHR,

Born, 27 Feb 2006,

Sire; Macala Doonah - 34”  Bay Appaloosa

Dam; Minimania Goldie - 35.5” Chestnut

Midnite was our 3rd colt born here, and what a Surprize he was, He was going to become on of our future Stallions tho, we have a few mare closely related, 

Midnite was Sold to Jackafella Stud, where he will breed colour in their future herd. but late sold on, to Vic.


Nikki-Jay Lil Kingston

36" Palomino Colt

Registered; F/R AMPS,

Born, 7 Nov 03,

Sire; Graceland Kingston - 34.5” Palomino

Dam; Linden Emmaline - 35” Palomino

Lil Kingston, Was SOLD to Cheryl Clarke of Gulgong, Where he will become a future Harness Gelding, 

Lil Kingston has since been Sold on and Gelded.


Minimania Pharoahs Lil Emperor

27" Apricot Dun Colt

Registered; IMHR,

Born; 24 Oct 06,

Sire; Rainbow Park Pharoah – 33.25” Palomino Dun

Dam; Cajer Feebee – 35.5” Chestnut

Lil Emperor was SOLD as a weanling to Andrew Hawe of Lochivar, Where will become a future Stallion or Gelding for the kids.



28.75" Black Colt 

Registered; Unregistered

Born; 25 Oct 06,

Sire; May Coral Tonto - 36” Black Tobiano

Dam: Minnie - 34.5” Black/Brown

Spirit, was SOLD as a weanling to Andrew Hawe of Lochivar, along side Lil Emperor, as a Kids gelding, and a friend for Lil Emperor.


Minimania Wind Dancer

36" Black Tobiano Stallion

Registered; IMHR,

Born; 21 Nov 05,

Sire;  Minimania Teddy - 29” Black

Dam; Minimania Jazzabell - 37” Chestnut Tobiano

Dancer, was SOLD, to Laura of Wellington, Where he will become a future Stud Stallion, Looking forward to seeing his foals.


Minimania Pharoahs All Shook Up

34" Apricot Dun Gelding

Registered; IMHR,

Born; 24 Sept 07

Sire; Rainbow Park Pharoah - 33.25” Palomino Dun

Dam; Minimania Goldie - 35.25” Chestnut

Shook Up has been SOLD to Dieter of Orange, Where he has become part of the family, and has a girl friend, has had 2 lovely foals before he was gelded..

We have regular updates on this guy, he has matured lovely..


Minimania Pharoahs Sandstorm

33" Silver Dun Colt

Registered; IMHR,

Born; 31 Aug 07,

Sire; Rainbow Park Pharoah - 33.25” Palomino Dun

Dam; Minimania Tiny Jill - 32.2” Black Appaloosa

This Striking Young boy has been Sold,to Jackafella Stud, was later Sold on as a kids horse then Sold to a show home.

Sadly Deceased.


Cajer Leo

30.5" Chestnut Taffy Stallion

Registered; IMHR, F/R AMPS, 

Born; 22 Nov 03,

Sire; Aminya Peeta - 32” Chestnut Tobiano

Dam; Cajer Pickles - 32” Silver Dapple Taffy

Leo gave us some lovely foals before leaving us,

This Lovely little stallion has been SOLD, to Jackafella Stud. Was Later Sold and Broken into Harness for Mini Trots, Tho, he little legs were just not fast enough, was Sold on to become a Stud Stallion.


Minimania Pharoahs Starly Knight

34.5" Apricot Dun Appaloosa Colt

Registered; IMHR,

Born; 17 Sept 07

Sire; Rainbow Park Pharoah – 33.25” Palomino Dun

Dam; Minimania Chantilly Lace – 34.75 Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

Starly has been SOLD as a weanling to the Guardian Angles Stud, He has produced a few foals over the years, one which has come back to us.


Black Onyx

36" Black Colt


Born; 14 Jan 08

Sire; Cajer Leo - 30.5” Chestnut Taffy

Dam; Minimania Diamond Taffy - 36” Silver Dapple Taffy

Onyx, Has gone to a lovely home, With Wendy & John, to become a Harness Horse,


Rainbow Park Pharoah

33.25" 100% English Palomino Dun Stallion

Registered; IMHR - AMPS - MHAA,

Born, 7 Oct 1995,

Sire; Toyhorse Little Emperor – 31.7” Palomino – (Imp UK)

Dam; Toyhorse Furners Petal – 33” Cream Dun – (Imp UK)

Pharaoh has the most wonderful temperment and is very willing to do anything and go anywhere, This he passes on to his foals.

Pharoah has produced Cream's, Dun's, Cremello's, Palomino's and Silver's, foals for us, 

Pharoah was also shown at a few shows always placing well, 

Pharoah Has been Sold To Emily Frey of Crookwell, I hope he brings you many years of joy, like he did here at Minimania Stud.


Minimania Pharoahs Golden Sun

Palomino Colt

Registered; IMHR.

Born; 19 Oct 08

Sire;Rainbow Park Pharoah – 33.25” Palomino Dun

Dam; Jackafella Cheryl – 33.25" Grulla

This lovely little Boy has been Sold as a weanling, to Emily Kiem, He will become a future Show Horse, and Stud Stallion,


Minimania Little Indian

Chestnut Pintaloosa Colt

Registered; IMHR
Born; 6 Nov 08
Sire; Cajer Leo - 30” Chestnut Taffy
Dam; Dynasty Nefetari - 34” Chestnut Pintaloosa

This Striking Boy has been Sold to Rob Backhouse for his young daughter to love and later show.


Minimania Apatchy Ghost

34" Chestnut Pinto Gelding

Registered; IMHR.

Born; 11 Oct 08

Sire; Tuthaside Ghost Who Walks – 33.5 Chocolate Taffy Tobiano

Dam; Minimania Lady Mystique – 36” Chestnut Taffy

The Handsome Boy has been Sold to Micheal & Helen Cherry, This boy has only been with them for a short time, and doing very well in the Show Ring..


Minimania Free Flying Sparks

33" Chestnut Gelding

Registered; IMHR.

Born; 11 Oct 08

Sire;Minimania Sparky - 36" Silver Buckskin Appaloosa

Dam; Cajer Feebee – 35.5” Chestnut

This Stunning Boy is Sold to Helen Cherry to become a future Show Horse, along side Minimania Apatchy Ghost.

Since being sold both Apatchy (above) and Sparks have done well in the ring, 

Sparks has also been broken in to harness and doing really well..


Minimania The Nature Boy

36" Palomino Colt

Registered; IMHR
Born; 10 Dec 08
Sire;Cajer Leo – 30” Chestnut Taffy
Dam; Kismet Just R Juliet - 33” Cremello

Ricky, as known has been Sold to a lovely home where he is a great little companion.


Tuthaside Shadow Dance

33" Grey Taffy Colt

Registered; IMHR

Born; 6 Nov 06

Sire; Flying Dust Azure Bleu – 32.5” Silver Dapple Tobiano

Dam; Wandellow Park Afling – 33.5” Chestnut

This Stunning Boy is the Son of the striking "Flying Dust Azure Bleu" Double Dilute Tobiano and the Grandson of the Handsome White Stallion "Wyeera Park Blue Diablo" Who is by "FWF Silver Blue" Imp USA.
Shadow has been Sold to a lovely home with Kristy White, to become a future Show Gelding, Looking forward to seeing him out in the ring.


Catala Little Chief

34.25" Bay Leopard Appaloosa Stallion

Registered; MHAA, IMHR

Born; 28 Aug 91

Sire; Tamborita Mischief Maker – 36” Buckskin Appaloosa

Dam; Abby – 35” Bay Appaloosa

Sold to Samantha Swan, where he will become thier little stud Stallion. was later sold on.


White Chocolate

34" Silver Dapple Taffy Gelding

Born; 2003
Sire & Dam; Unknown

Chicko as Known, has been Sold to Kimeeka's Stud.


Tuthaside Ghost Who Walks 

33.5" Silver Taffy Pinto Stallion

Registered; IMHR

Born; 7 Nov 03

Sire; Paragon Phantom - 32.5" Chocolate Taffy

Dam; Gumnut Glamour - 33" Chestnut Tobiano 

Ghost is a lovely boy, he has produced so lovely foals while with us, most pinto..

Ghost has been Sold to a wonderfull home with Kathy Pratley & Family.


Minimania Flint Fire Foot

33" Dark Bay Varnish Appaloosa Gelding

Registered; IMHR.

Born, 10 Jan 2006,

Sire; Macala Doonah – 34” Bay Appaloosa

Dam; Minimania Jane - 34.25" Bay Varnish Appaloosa

Flint has been Sold to a Wonderfull Home with Kathy Pratley & Family.


Minimania Lil Ghost Ryder

33.5" Bay Varnish Appaloosa Colt

Registered IMHR

Born; 9 Oct 10,

Sire; Tuthaside Ghost Who Walks - 33.5" Chocolate Silver Taffy Pinto

Dam; Minimania Chantilly Lace - 34.5" Chestnut Varnish Appaloosa

Ryder is a lovely tiny boy, with a huge personality, this young boy will go far, he is a lovely little guy, willing to please, will make a nice show colt/future stallion, or a lovely companion for some, due to his size... 

This boy was lightly shown before leaving, place well.

Sold to a lovely couple at Dubbo.


Minimania Just R Silver Ghost

33" Silver Smokey Black Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 6 Oct 10,
Sire; Tuthaside Ghost Who Walks - 33.5" Chocolate Silver Taffy Pinto
Dam; Kismet Just R Juliet - 33" Cremello

Silver is a well bred young man, he is 25% USA, he carries the Silver and the Cream genes, he will produce a wonderful aray of colours, i am unsure to if he may also carries the sabino gene, if so, he wil make someone very happy if looking for colour, he is a very up standing, stylish colt, one that i would have loved to have kept, tho, we can not keep them all, he will make a nice Show Colt/Future Stallion, or Lovely Gelding
This boy was lightly shown before leaving us, placing well.

Sold to Wendy, of Wendy Party Ponies, were Silver has joined in on all the fun, and we have been told that he is the big Favorite with Everyone.


Minimania Dreamys Knight

35" Black Buckskin Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 14 Aug 11,
Sire; Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino Splash Appaloosa
Dam; Snowside Rain Drops – 35.5” Chestnut Taffy

This little guy, was a little surprize, he was alittle earlier then I thought he would be, but he is Happy and Healthy, DK as know, has nice legs, with a strong shoulder, and nice little body, But the question is.. where is the colour? He has a tiny little strip of white on his forhead..he has a very quiet nature, Just like Mum & Dad.

DK was lightly shown before leaving placing at all shows before he left us.

Sold to the Nadalini Family of Gulgong.


Minimania Golden Prince

33" Palomino Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 19 Sept 2011
Sire; Tallow-Wood Orpine - 34" Perlino Tobiano
Dam; Silver Star Little Lucy - 32.75" Chestnut

This little Guy was a surprize to the eyes early this morning, is just everything we could have hoped for, he is a lovely type, well conformed, and has soft eye's Just like his Dad.

This young boy was Sold to Maddi Boyd, as a weanling, Enjoy Maddi.

Prince and Maddi Update, Prince has been Gelded, and they have so much fun together, pubic outings, trick training, and harness...


Minimania Spot On Sparky

31" Chestnut Pintaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 26 Oct 07
Sire; Minimania Sparky – 36” Silver Buckskin Appaloosa
Dam; Dynasty Nefetari – 34” Chestnut Pintaloosa

Sos, is a sweet boy, with a lovely nature, He is Minimania Sparky's First Foal, This Little man is going to follow in his fathers footsteps, and become one of our future Stud Stallions, We are hoping that this boy does just as well as his sire, both in the Show ring and at Stud.
SOS attended one show placing 1st, 

SOS, Sold to to a lovely home, sadly he had a paddock accident and had to be put to sleep,

Before leaving us he produced 2 stunning foals, both have been retained.


Minimania Dominos Northern Lights

32" Palomino Appaloosa Colt


Born; 2 Sept 10,

Sire; Diamond Star Domino – 32.75” Perlino Appaloosa (Dec)

Dam; Minimania Abbey - 33" Black Buckskin 

This young Boy is everything, that we ever could have asked for, since the sad lost of his sire, he will hopefully follow in his father footsteps in becoming a future Halter/Performance Horse, and a Future Stud Stallion.  Dj attended one show Placing 1st, 

We sadly Sold Dj, to a lovely Home, in hopes that the future would bring him back to us, but sadly Dj had a paddock accident, and was put to sleep...


Minimania Thats Me Boy

34.5" Silver Buckskin Appaloosa Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 2010
Sire; Diamond Star Domino – 32.75” Perlino Appaloosa (Dec)
Dam; Snowside Rain Drops - 35.5" Chestnut Taffy

Itchy as known, is the sweetest boy, easy going nature, and just so much like his sire n dam, 
Itchy has been Sold to a lovely family, where he will become the kids Gelding, 

Update; Itchy takes his little rider to pony Club, and attend show together.


Jackafella Top Guns Black Jack

34.5" Black Overo/Sabino Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 4 Aug 11,
Sire; Beau Chevel Top Gun - 38" Bay Framed Overo/Sabino
Dam; Jackafella Janine - 33" Black

Black Jack, is a lovely natured boy, just like his sire "Beau Chevel Top Gun", I was lucky to have the honor in showing his sire in 2012, in doing this i was just hooked on having one of his babies, Black Jack is a very upstanding boy, has a great presance about him, and knows how to strut his stuff.

He will become one of our future show horses, he carries some great bloodlines behind him such as "La Yuyqwam Hobo", "Sierra Guns and Roses", "Bond Jacko" And "Lazy NS Boogerman who is the son of the Famous "Rowdy"

Sold to a lovely home where he will become a childs best friend.


Minimania Bust A Move

Buckskin colt

Born; 20 Aug 13
Birth Height; 17.5"
Sire;  Fenmarsh Champgne Chandon - 32" Amber Champagne
Dam; Minimania Pharoahs Serenity - 35.5" Buckskin Dun Minimal Appaloosa

This little guy was a little bit of a surprize, he is 11 days early, and born at 4:30 in the afternoon, he is a very cute little bloke, with lovely legs, tippy ears, and shows a soft eye.

Sold to a wonderful home along side his mother, where he will become a future sire


Minimania Dun It In Chrome

Silver Dun Sabino

Born; 13 Oct 13

Birth Height; 22"

Sire; Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino Splash Appaloosa

Dam; Minimania Sassy Lady - 37" Chestnut Dun

We are very pleased with this little guy, beautiful marked face, nice long legs, double dun bred, and just movement to burn.

Sold to a kind loving home along side his mother, where he will breed stunning coloured foals in the future.


Minimania Steppins Revolution

36' Buckskin Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 26 Nov 13
Sire; Kanadah Blueberry - 30" Perlino
Dam; Our Lil Dobblins Steppins Moonhalo - 36" Bay

This boy, has got long legs, with a strong shoulder, and a nice neck,
He carries some wonderfull breeding including the Stunning "Rowdy", lines he has an aray of colour in his background, will be one that would make a nice Show horse future breeding.

Sold to a Lovely Show Home with Ashliegh Wade.


Minimania The Magician

33" Silver Bay Pinto Colt

Registered IMHR
Born; 23 Sept 13
Sire; Flying Dust Azure Bleu – 32.5” Silver Dapple Tobiano/Overo
Dam; Spellbound Sweet Illusion – 33.75” Silver Bay 

This little guy caught my hubby off guard, on one look there was only mares, on the next look, there he was...
This Stunning Boy is the Son of the striking "Flying Dust Azure Bleu" Double Dilute Tobiano and the Grandaughter of the Handsome White Stallion "Wyeera Park Blue Diablo" Who is by "FWF Silver Blue" Imp USA.

Sold to a wonderful home in Qld.


Bexlee Snippets Kustom Kid

33' Silver Pinto Colt

Registered IMHR
Born; 2 Nov 2013
Sire; La Yuqwam Snippets Man About Town - 36" Bay Tobiano
Dam; Fenmarsh Silverena - 34.5" Silver Dapple Tobiano

Tonto as known, is a very sweet boy, with a kind soft nature, he has some wonderfull breeding behind him with a double cross of the famous "Silverado", Who is by "Bond Snippet" and his dam is by the lovely "Such Small Wonders Bullseye, Making this boy, of half USA bred, and he has colour to boot, with about 4 generations of Silver Dapple Taffy, this Boy is going to produce some lovely offspring.

Sold Back to Breeder.


Minimania Steppin In Colour

37" Bay Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 25 Oct 12
Sire; Bellequine Man Of Colours - 34.5" Chestnut Frame Overo
Dam; Our Lil Dobblins Steppins Moonhalo - 36" Bay

This Stunning boy, has long legs, with lovely white socks, and the softest little nature.
He carries a double double cross of the Stunning "Rowdy", with loads of colour in his background, with his Dam being 100% USA bred, and his Sire 75% this boy is 7/8 USA bred, Also carrries the lines of "NFCs Major Eclipse" & "Komokos King Tut" We are looking forward to watching this little guy grow up to be a striking boy.
Show at a few shows always placing, 

Sold to a lovely home and broken into to Harness & Saddle.


Minimania Wind Swept Knight

36" Black Colt

Born; 10 Oct 2013
Sire; Fenmarsh Champgne Chandon - 32" Amber Champagne
Dam; Banshees Briar - 33.5" Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa

Boy was this boy a shock....All Black, very upstanding colt, loves to strut his stuff, boy can he move..Very happy with this boy, but would have loved more colour..

Sold to a wonderfull home.


Minimania Dreamys Whisper

32.5" Silver Black Dun Sabino Gelding

Registered IMHR
Born; 13 Oct 13
Sire; Buraba DB Hooley Dooley - 36" Silver Black Dun Sabino/Splash White/Appaloosa
Dam; Tallow-wood Silver Birch - 38" Black Buckskin Pintaloosa

This tiny little guy is such a little cutie, he has a lovely little head, nice legs, has a stunning little canter, and a sweet nature.

Sold to a loving home. 


Tallow-Wood Orpine

34" Perlino Pinto Stallion

Registered; IMHR 

Born; 7 Nov 06

Sire; Southern Star Fancy Boots - 33" Black Buckskin Pinto

Dam;  Crystal Park Touch of Gold - 34" Palomino

Well this boy has it all, Colour, Conformation, Temperament, & Exquisted Breeding, This Boy Carries a Double cross of The Immortal Rowdy, which includes Samis Kloudy Rowdy, Smithdeals Ima Pepper II, also Bond Show Boy, and The Magnificent Orion Light Vant Huttenest & Double O Seven Moto,

This Boy was unhandled, when we picked him up, but within 2 days, This boy, has just sooo wowed us, he is just everything you could ask for in a well handled Stallion, So willing to learn, Look out for him in the ring in the near future, 

Sold to loving home with Narelle Mason in Qld.


Highland Mist Bold As Brass"

33" Bay Overo Sabino


Born; 3 Oct 2010,

Sire; Highland Mist On The Mark - 33.25" Chestnut Frame Overo

Dam; Highland Mist Special Gift - 33.75" Bay

This stunning young man is the great grandson of "Marks Lucky Streak", who is the Grandson of the famous "Rowdy", Bobby as known, will be our future stallion, in the meantime he will be shown, then later may be shown in performance, His sire is a very amazing performance horse, his mother was also a great performance horse in her younger years, so in saying that he might just make a top Peformance horse in years to come..

Sold to a wonderful Home.


Fenmarsh Champagne Chandon

32.25" Amber Champagne Stallion

Registered IMHR - MHAA

Born; 11 Dec 04

Sire; Tribbles Poncho - 32.5”

Amber Champagne (Imp USA)

Dam; Sterling Ilinga – 34.5” Bay

Candon is 75% American bred, He is a lovely little stallion, is a true little stallion by nature, but in saying this, he has temperament to please when handling him.

He has produced so stunning babies over the years while with us, some that we have retained. 

Sold to Qld.


Minimania Mummas Sniper

37" Silver Black Tobiano Colt

Registered IMHR
Born; 2 Nov 13 
Sire; Beau Chevel Top Gun - 38" Bay Framed Overo/Sabino
Dam;  Minimania Mumma - 40" Grulla Tobinao/Sabino

This Guy was a surprize to my eyes, stunning long legs, nice well balanced body, nice kind eyes, and nearly all white...Very Happy with this guy, he is the Half sister to Magics Mumma Mia.

Sold to a wonderful home with Shirly.


Minimania Jixed It

33" Black Bay Colt

Registered; to be IMHR,
Born; 27 Oct 2015,
Sire; Minimania Awkward Champagne Moments - 32" Champagne
Dam; Texen Park Mayple Leaf - 35” Bay Appaloosa

This little guy has it all, well kinda...more colour would have been a bonus... this guy is a little stunner, he has a big personality, movement and top breeding..

Sold to a Show Home.


Minimania Smokey Quarts

Black Small Horse Colt

Born; 18 Oct 15 
Sire; Sandman - 34" Palomino
Dam; Minimania Speckled Ruby - 36" Appaloosa

Smokey was bought along side his Dam, Sadly both were is quiet a state apon pick up, Smokey had a hard start to life, only being 2 months old, was very thin, weak, and not much like other active foals his age, with some TLC, good feed n care, he turn in to a healthy happy foal, 

Some was Sold to a lovely Companion Home.


Minimania Ima Mister Nobody

32" Black Splash Tobiano Overo Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 20 Dec 2012
Sire; unregistered Black Stallion
Dam; Chrystal Rose Bindi - 34.5"  Black Tovero

Muddy is a sweet little boy, that loves his cuddles, has a soft loving nature, very upright, with that look at me presence.

Muddy has attended a few shows local shows, placing well at each, 

Sold to Qld.


Minimania Suspended In Time

Miniature Black Pinto Colt

Born; 24 Nov 2016
Sire; Tiny Toy Snippets Doubletake - 35" Taffy Pinto
Dam; Minimania Minky Midnight - 33.5" Black

After a Long wait, he finally arrived, a tiny, tiny refine stylish looking boy, this boy well do well in the ring and future stud stallion.

SOLD to Wendy of Wendy's Party Ponies.


Minimania Washed In Black

Black Colt

Born; 10 Nov 2016
Sire; Minimania Awkward Champagne Moments - 32" Champagne
Dam; Snowside Rain Drops - 35” Chestnut Taffy

This guy was a sight for sore eyes at mid night, and Black as Night, a very sweet kind natured boy, with a soft personally, just like his sire n dam..



Minimania Morning Charm

Bay Appaloosa Colt

Born; 25 Nov 2016
Sire; Aziz Lucky Charm - 36" Black Blanket Appaloosa
Dam; Minimania Chantilly Lace - 34.5" Chestnut varnish Appaloosa 

This little guy is another stunning foal by Lucky, he never disappoints , he may not have instant colour, but I am sure he will colour out with age, as all of Chantillys foals do.



Minimania Chaos Amoung The Stars

32" Apricot Dun Appaloosa

Born 28 Sept 2013
Sire; MInimania Pharoahs Starly Knight - 34.5 Apricot Dun Appaloosa 50% UK
Dam; Minimania Paris - 34.5" Chestnut Tobiano
Fuzz as know, is a sweet little guy, he carries some of our lovely breeding from the past carrying English and Aussie Breeding. 


Buraba DB Hooley Dooley

36" Silver Black Dun Splash/Sabino/Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR & MHAA

Born; 25 Nov 2005

Sire;  Southern Cross Rowdys Just A Dream Boy – 32” Black Taffy Frame Overo 100% USA

Dam;  Rainbow Park Touched By An Angel – 34.5” Buckskin Dun Appaloosa 100% UK

Dreamy Carries Some Wonderful Breeding, in both Paint & Appaloosa colours, Which allows him to produce an array of coloured foals, Not only does he produce stunning colour but they all carry his wonder temperament, 

Dreamy is the Grandson of the Famous La Vista Rowdy Remark, Sadly Dec, This Lines run right back the the Immortal Rowdy, He is Also the Great Grandson of the Stunning Emrin Toes, who is the Great Grandson of the World Famous Granddaddy of the Appaloosa Miniatures, Chianti, The Black Leopard Appaloosa Chianti was imported to the United States from the Falabella Farm of Argentina.



Tiny Toy Snippets Doubletake

35" Silver Black Tobiano Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 27 Nov 2008
Sire;  Roys Toy Snippets Silverado - 31.5" Silver Dapple tobiano (Imp USA)
Dam;   Tiny Toy Silver Honey - 33.75"  Black 50% USA

Taki as known, is a wonderfull boy with a kind nature, he is the son of the famous "Silverado", Who is by "Bond Snippet" and his dam is also by the lovely "Silverado", Making this boy, a double cross of the late "Silverado", and he has colour to boot, 
Taki has produced some stunning foals, we have a few babies by him, a few we are retaining for future breeding.