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Meet Our Handsome Gent's

Minimania Sparky

36" Silver Buckskin Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 8 Dec 2004
Sire; Fort Knox Pride - 37" Chestnut Pure Australian Pony 
Dam; Jackafella Little Sand Prince - 40" Buckskin Palouse Pony

Sparky is a true gem of a stallion, with a temperament to please in all aspects, he has produced some stunning foals over the years, most we have retained, He has been shown in halter, Loves Performance, recently broken to saddle, and Harness, i have really enjoyed this boy from the day he was born and looking forward to what the future holds.


Aziz Lucky Charm

37" Black Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 19 Nov 2005
Sire; Atlanta Rhetts Charm – 31.5” Black Pintaloosa 50%USA
Dam; Koriana Sugar n Spice – 35.5” Chocolate Taffy welsh bred - (Dec)

Lucky Charm is part American bred & his lines go back to old Welsh lines, Both Sire and Dam, Have made a name in the show ring, in halter n Performance
Lucky Charm carries the Bloodlines of Harris Polka Dot (Imp), and The Immortal Rowdy, Lucky Charm is a very stunning boy, with a soft nature and Temperament to to die for, this he has passed on to his foals, making them get prospects for all disciplines. 


Minimania Danny Boy

32" Smokey Black Splash/Overo Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 10 Oct 2003
Sire; 100% USA Buckskin Stallion
Dam; Black Pinto Amps Mare

Danny was our 2nd Colt bought,

Danny was going to be one of our future breeding stallions, Tho, due to not being able to register him with his pedigree, was decided to part with him, He was Sold to a lovely elderly couple not far from us. In that timeDanny has become a Proud Sire of a Stunning Burnt Buckskin Filly, Sara, along with another Burnt buckskin Filly (Sold)

Now he has returned home to make his mark in our breeding Program.


Fantasy Farms First Knight

34" Black Varnish Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 8 Aug 2004
Sire; Tiny Toy Snippets Knighingale - 33.75" Black Tobiano
Dam; Gyspy Park Princess Zena - 35.5" Brown Appaloosa

Zar as know, is a sweet natured boy with temperament to please, he carries some old time breeding on his dams side, and Silverado on his sires side, being a grandson on Sivlerado, 
Zar has been shown in the past with many ribbons, was last show by me back in 2012, on behalf of his owner, looking forward to future foals and showing this boy.


Minimania Luckys High Roller

31.5" Black near Leopard Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 26 Sept 2011
Sire;  Aziz Lucky Charm - 37"  Black Blanket Appaloosa
Dam;  Banshees Briar - 33.75" Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa

High Roller, has some wonderful breeding behind him, with lots of colour, he is a tiny guy with a big personality, temperament to please just like his sire, 
High Roller has a nice show record for the short time he was in the ring as a youngest, he will return in the future, he had his first foal on the ground in 2016, and boy was it a ripper... Looking forward to his future foals.


Minimania Awkward Champagne Moments

32.5" Champagne Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 24 Oct 2011
Sire;  Fenmarsh Champagne Chandon - 32.5"  Amber Champagne 75% USA
Dam; Tallow-wood Aster - 30.25"  Burnt Buckskin 25% USA

Akwy or Champy is our First Home Grown Champagne Baby, he carries 50% USA breeding, he is the grandson of Tribbles Poncho, the first imported Champagne Miniature in Australia, 
Awky is a lovely boy with a Temperament to please, he has be shown and done well before becoming a sire, both his foals have shown great natures, one that has gone broad sash winner at his first show, looking forward to seeing more of his babies, in the future.


Minimania Sparkys Spotless Prince

36" Buckskin Appaloosa Stallion

Registered IMHR
Born; 4 Dec 2012
Sire;  ;Minimania Sparky - 36" Silver Buckskin Appaloosa
Dam;  Hope Park Just Abit Spotless - 38" Silver Bay Appaloosa

Handsome as know, is a lovely boy, with a soft nature, and willing to please, he is a great reflection of his Sire, this boy is yet to make his mark in the ring, but has left his mark with his first filly in 2016, being a mirror image of him self and his sire, looking forward to this boys future, in the ring and his future foals..


Minimania SOS Morse Code

31.5" Bay Leopard Stallion

Born; 29 Oct 2012
Sire;  Minimania Spot On Sparky - 31" Chestnut Pintaloosa
Dam;  Texen Park Mayple Leaf - 34.5" - Bay Appaloosa

Cody, is a very sweet boy, with a temperament to please, his breeding goes back to USA on his dams side, and back to Welsh n Riding Pony on his sire side, with both side carrying a large combination of some fantastic colour, 
Looking forward to seeing some fantastic foals from this little guy.


Minimania Golden Impressions

35" Palomino Stallion

Registered; IMHR
Born; 19 Oct 2013
Sire;  Tallow-wood Orpine - 34" Perlino Pinto
Dam;  Minimania Lady Mystique - 36" Chestnut Taffy

Pally as know, is a sweet natured boy. with a lovely presence about him, he carries some well known breeding, including double cross of the Immortal Rowdy, this boy is yet to hit the show ring, but well are looking forward to what the future holds, excepting his first foal soon.


 Siler City Champagne Showers

33.5" Amber Champagne Stallion

Registered; AMHS

Born; 6 Nov 2014

Sire;  Kotta Park Champagne Streaker – 35" Champagne 100% USA

Dam; Halfmile Vanity – 36" Liver Chestnut 

Shy is the new boy on the block, and one that i am very pleased to have, not only does this boy have a great temperament n colour, he has that lovely welsh/riding pony lines that i just love... This boy has everything i was looking for in a new boy, Future stallion.